Wednesday 13 December 2017

#272 'Grazing on Snow' 8x14"

Second painting from the snow in the past couple of days. Really lucky to have this view from our back garden, with snow and sheep it transforms! 
Not much light but the snow was still really bright and the sheep looked surprisinlgy yellow! 
I came back from my first snow painting in the morning and saw the sheep in the snow field and thought wow they look great! By the time I'd come out of my studio with my gear they'd all gone! But knew they be back as there was a big patch of green to munch on! 
They did come, so I quickly got them down, hard not to make them to cutesie looking. 
Here's the beginning stages....

I wasn't sure how the green of the grass would work in the painting of greys and neutrals but it seams to lift it and work.
I hadn't really noticed how sloping the field was until I painted it! But it fits the format well.

On a different note I went to London today for artist Peter Browns talk and to see his amazing exhibition at Messums gallery on until 23rd December. One to get to if you can.


  1. This is a delightful painting. Who would have thought that the very ordinary field at the end of your garden would transform with the arrival of snow. The slope adds interest and the sheep perfect.

    1. Thank you ebbybow, you are right, it did transform with snow & sheep!