Thursday 28 December 2017

#277 'Snow falling, Bramshott Common' 8x10"

We had heavy snow yesterday and it was carnage outside our house, we are on a hill and cars were slipping, sliding and crashing into each other, and then abandoned. Quite a sight!
Plus 40mile hour gusts made blizzard conditions. So I wrapped up in many layers - 3 trousers 2 pairs socks, 2 coats... hardcore balaclava, 4 hand warmers, feet warmers. I was ready to paint!!

It looked so pretty as the snow had settled on the trees a good two inches. But I found it hard to find a composition as everything was either white or very light. I walked to another common nearby, with pine trees, and managed to fall over as I slipped off the pavement as I didn't see it under the snow, thankfully no harm done.

I had the usual battle of water (snow) getting on my palette and board. Too much of it and the paint wont stick when brushed onto the panel and goes into a sticky mess. Also the snow melted rapidly. 
Lots of tonal work. The sky is darker than the snow and the trees are darkest with variations of colour between green and red-violet.
I made adjustments in the studio of the snow on the trees as it was too contrasted so I softened it.
I painted for over an hour being totally alone, nobody else ventured onto the common until it stopped snowing.  I enjoyed being out there. Yay for snow!


  1. I can't believe that you painted in those conditions - next stop the South Pole! Strong, confident brush strokes give vitality to this picture and I love the light on the snow and the purple cast to the snow laden sky.

  2. Of course l love the path through the trees and the change of painting trees with foliage and not bare though saying that I do like bare trees with a line of snow on them as well. Not an English scene at all more Germanic Black Forest so well captured under extreme conditions.