Friday 29 December 2017

#278 'Sheep Grazing, Bramshott Chase' 12x16"

This was my third time painting this view (from our back garden) and I felt brave enough to have a go with a larger board (my biggest to date outside.) I had no idea whether it would work out, but having 'learnt the subject' and feeling comfortable with it I completed the painting in 90 mins and it wasn't a disaster! 

The sheep seemed comfortable with me, see the pic below grazing close, there's something lovely about being near creatures and wildlife when painting.  
The sheep circumnavigate the field so when they were in compositionally good spot I paint them in. You can see they are quite yellow compared to the snow.
The middle tree was the main focus so I painted that in first thin dark paint, plus the next two trees, changing the intensity of green/brown and tones.

I struggled with my paint as it was sodden from the snowy morning and still very sticky. I scraped off a whole section of snow I'd painted as it was too thick and clumsy. Scrapping back often works as you have remnants left and you can leave some of it showing.

The larger size felt a bit daunting to start with but once I got some blocked in it felt ok, and actually nice to have more space to work with. I feel pleased to have managed a bigger painting outside and will do more in the future as they make an impact in exhibitions and to improve my skills.


  1. I like the larger size, as you say they make more impact in exhibitions. Like your last snow picture it is the strong brush strokes that give this picture life and I like the composition. It gives a real feel of winter, sheep placidly grazing amidst the snowy chill.

  2. Gorgeous and so important to get to know a subject. Well done for graduating to a larger size board. A result!