Tuesday 12 December 2017

#271 'Snow on Bramshott Common' 8x10"

Really tough painting conditions. Snowing, windy and bitter cold. Snow on the land makes it magical and I didn't want to miss the opportunity so I wrapped myself up in two of everything- trousers, coats, scarfs, socks...! Even a new fleece balaclava, allowed me to face the weather. 
I used my husbands old tattered golf brolly which I held religiously over my board and palette as if it gets too wet from the snow, paint resists on the board and you can't continue. So I had to do everything one handed not easy! It wasn't an option fixing the brolly to the easel as we would have taken off! So I held it up the whole time (I need bigger muscles!)  
I put the background trees in first a silvery violet leaving space for the foreground pine which was more intense colour and stronger in tone. Putting the lightest white snow next to test the tones. The distant snow is greyed down with a little violet and yellow. The tones of the snow are quite close together as it was a flat light, I changed the colours slightly between yellow and violet.
I got so cold by the end I could barely walk home, thankfully only 15 mins away but it was worth it!
I'm not sure if I will add snow flakes to the painting, and I may adjust some areas like the path later, once I've sat with it for a bit.
Got another 3 snow paintings to post... :-)

Me in my layers!

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  1. Oh so brave! Amazing result from such harsh conditions. Love it 😍