Saturday 6 January 2018

#281 'Last Light, Seaford' 8x14"

This one I scraped off after nearly covering the board as I wasn't happy with it and liked the light better as the sun was setting - warm apricots.
It does seem to take a while to get to know a place, especially a new subject like white cliffs! 
Scrapping off gave a nice base to work over, which I did some on location but finished today in the studio. I realised I hadn't pitched the cliffs light enough so lifting them in tone meant I needed to lift everything else as well. I left some of the original painting showing through to give a more interesting finish.

Here is my palette of colours.
I took this pic after the sun had gone down.


  1. Wonderful colours delicately applied. The foreshore difficult to paint in its blackness but cleverly described. Great sky as usual.

  2. Great colors on the cliff and the sky! 8x14 is quite an unusual panel size. How many different panel sizes do you bring with you on the spot? Francois

    1. Hi Francois, A good question re panel sizes. If I know the type of place I'm going to gives me an idea what sizes to take. eg Beaches - panoramics 8x14" works well, London landscapes...I always take 8x10" as they are my go to boards. I like to have at least 4-5 sizes in my bag at once! Helps with composition. And you Francois, what do you take? Clare

  3. I admire both your cliff paintings, as you say it is all about the tonal values, I know to my cost how difficult this can be. You have succeeded in making a visually appealing painting out of a very tricky landscape. Interesting previous comment, unusual size board but perfect for this.