Tuesday 30 January 2018

#291 'Cutmill Creek' 9x10"

One of those that happened like magic! It painted itself. 
I spent sometime looking for the 'right' composition and ended up back at the first place I looked! I had been put off as my back was right next to a main road - loud and fast.
But I enjoyed painting it and tried to keep the brush strokes loose and visible.
The board was given to me from artist friend Sarah Manolescue. A trial for a new format being 9x10" quite unusual but it worked well for this subject. If it was square the composition is harder to get right.
This is right next to Bosham, a great little area, I have now painted 3 times, many more to come!...


  1. Very interested in your notes on planning for a days plein air painting. I like the honesty of your blogs, if something doesn't work out as well as you expected, how you can sometimes salvage the picture. I like the low tide at Bosham, your colour palette seems quite different in your last few pictures, more restrained but very tonal.

  2. @Pat, I wonder if it is because it is winter. The sunlight so much more diffused so less contrast. We all wear dark colours in the winter it blends with the earth. Very good to pick up the stream running off the left side. Has a good feel this painting.