Friday 19 January 2018

#286 'Winter, Hammersmith Bridge' 8x10"

Really tough conditions, biting cold wind, gusts of 38MPH, I tied my easel to the lamp post so I didn't have to hold onto it the whole time. Trying to do any detail was tricky as it buffeted your arm but I'm still happy with how its turned out, it captures the essence of the bridge - I love the silhouetted shape and the lovely green lit from the side. 
The rowers I thought they were mad to be on the Thames on a day like this, but realised they might think I was mad to be painting there too! I thought they gave a bit of life to the scene.

I painted this bridge a couple of months ago, but didn't post it, (it was a duffer!) I made the mistake of painting too close so it was huge in the picture. A good lesson to stand further back when it's a new (tricky) subject then learn the basic shape, and hone in closer another day....


  1. Lovely quality to this one, as with so many of your others.

  2. Considering the ends you had to go to, to actually produce a painting it is exemplary. The rowers bring reality to the somber bridge and the river and sky so well painted also.