Monday 15 January 2018

#284 'Beach Huts, West Wittering' 8x10"

I was drawn to this subject but wasn't sure if I could paint it! I enjoyed painting the huts that morning so I thought I'd try.
The reflections adding an extra element and interest - it had been a recent high tide and puddles were left.
I used my viewfinder to honed in to the colours and shapes I liked.

This is how I started blocking in the darks using a thined dark blue or brown - Ultramarine & Burnt Sienna. Remembering to repeat everything if it's reflected in the puddle.  

Beach huts are wonderful subject, but I didn't want them to look cute and twee if you know what I mean. So I painted them loosely - not too many straight lines or crisp edges.
The water reminded me a bit of snow quite light in tone and soft edges again, the shape was fun too.

It was the first day of using my brand new pochade, see below:
It's called an Alla Prima Pochade by Ben Haggett in America.
It's easy to set up, well built and nice to use but not comfortable yet, I used my previous pochade - Open Box M 150+ times, time will tell! 
I will do a blog on pochades and tripods soon....


  1. A clever painting. Somehow one knows from the muted colours that this is a winter picture of beach huts.

  2. The light gives a shivery winter feel. Massing in the darks first is something I need to remember. Love the reflections of the huts in the puddles. Be interested to see what you say about pochades and tripods.