Tuesday 6 February 2018

#294 'Low Tide, Langstone Harbour' 8x10" & Video

I went back to Langstone (in Hampshire near Portsmouth) yesterday it's been a while since I painted their. It is an inspiring place even with just a trickle of water! 

Video News
I've been wanting to video my painting process and share it for a while. My recent delves into watching people paint on You Tube has inspired me to try. 

Its not easy knowing there's a camera on you the whole time and I decided to keep it simple and not do commentary but I kept having to shut my mouth as I wanted to explain what I was doing and justify some actions! It does feel like your going to be judged.

But annoyingly my battery ran out so I only got 3/4 of the painting - about 40 mins worth. But it was a good first attempt. I'm not sure if I will post the long version as I put the camera on the right side and my mixing arm rather gets in the way of the painting, I will try again and put the camera the other side! 

The painting has a limited palette and emphasising the light on the water - keeping everything else tonally darker. 
Happy I was able to produce while under pressure!
Here is the video a speeded up version of about 40 seconds. What do you think?

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  1. I like to see what you are painting in this video, adds to the enjoyment and to marvel at your ability to produce such outstanding work. Wonderful colours of the mud flats and sky.