Friday 9 February 2018

#296 'Storm Approaching, East Head' 8x12"

We knew a storm was coming and only had an hour or so to paint, I was with artist Sarah Manolescue.
Finding a spot that wasn't in the direct line of the gale was tricky. I liked the dunes being lit by the sun and the building clouds as a backdrop.
The people gives it some scale and with a very limited palette:
I used the green mix for the violet and yellow mixes. Sometimes that works to mix one colour with all your other mixes - helps to harmonise. Yellow & Violet are complimentaries and I pushed the sky to a more violet colour which helps the colours zing!
I warmed the yellow with Burnt Sienna on the right side and also put burnt sienna in the violet sky mix to link the two. 

1 comment:

  1. Well titled! Lovely light on the dunes and the sky shows the stormy clouds perfectly.