Wednesday 14 February 2018

#298 'High Tide, Woolacombe Beach' 8x10"

My husband and I are in North Devon for a week, to paint, photograph and rest. This was my first painting, it was tricky as I forgot my plastic palette insert for my pochade so mixed my paint on the back of a board (not ideal!) It's surprising how just one thing can throw you when plein air painting.  Also being contra jour the light on the water made looking at my painting difficult so I ended up turning the pochade away from the scene and looking over my shoulder at the subject!
It's mainly a tonal study keeping the colour palette limited and trying to observe the tonal comparisons eg is the sky the same tone as the sea?
After an hour or so I scraped off areas, painted over parts I was not happy with it, but got it home and it wasn't as bad as thought! So here it is, 
Here's the start:


  1. Lovely to see Woolacombe Bay with Baggy Point in the distance. Worth the struggle, I bet it was cold! I enjoyed looking at your brushstrokes, the gleam on the water and your usual excellent sky rendition.

    1. Thanks Pat! We are enjoying this North Devon coast, I didn't know that bit of land was called Baggy Point! I will have to include that in one of my painting titles :-) Clare