Wednesday 9 May 2018

#329 'May Day, Richmond Bridge' 8x19"

The sun was shining and the masses were out! Absolutely heaving for bodies - I painted the people before it got to busy.
It's a bigger scene than I'd usually tackle so I'm pleased it worked out, 

I was about 15 minutes through when people started gathering near me, I realised they were in a queue for a boat ride, the line snaked right next to me, I couldn't even step back to see my painting! Quite unnerving having people watch the process from so close up! See pic below...

To start I put the bridge in roughly making sure I got the shapes of the arches right and then I put the greens next to it, I used a scrubby hog hair brush which lends itself to foliage. 
Water was bold brush strokes using a filbert hog hair and quite loaded with paint, getting similar blues to the sky but darker tone and dirtier colour.
The people I squinted my eyes and looked at the tonal shapes of them first and then added colour and any light on the top.
This pic shows my palette and how busy it got ...


  1. Great painting Clare, full of character and depth.

  2. Great composition, this really works, you can feel the sunshine in the colours. I am always impressed by the way you paint the important bits in a scene creating a harmonious whole.