Sunday 20 May 2018

#332 'Trundle Path' 8x10"

Second painting of the day on the 1:1 plein air day last week. As you can see it was overcast but still pleasing to paint - the greens, shapes and path... It was a quick study getting the essence fo the place.
I'm using more earth colours - Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre as my underpainting base which especially works with the complimentary greens over the top.

Our pochades & paintings
It's quite sketchy my painting so I may tart it a little, I will see if I can live with it first!

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  1. I noticed that the view you photgraph is not quite the view you actually paint because what you see is 2 feet above your board. Whether you decide to adjust in some way is up to you, although you still managed to produce a painting while at the same time talking and instructing about en plein air work. Well done.