Saturday 19 May 2018

#331 'Early Summer, The South Downs' 9x19"

I held a 1:1 plein air painting day with an artist called Rosie Copeland. Typical it was a windy grey day but actually was easier as it was stable light, so we weren't chasing shadows or squinting into the sun.

We covered a lot of ground from boards, gesso, equipment, my painting colours, colour mixing...viewfinder. Rosie really liked my viewfinder as I'd made a small hole so you can isolate colours and compare them to others in your scene. 

We painted next to each other and she did a cracker painting, mine not so good! - See below:
I got the painting home and wiped it back (below pic) straight away so it didn't dry. The colour was left but no form, I repainted it the next day while it was fresh in my mind, helped I'd already done the same scene last August.
There is too much foreground so I shifted it all down and increased the scale up a bit and reinstated the shapes over the top....

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  1. I think your focus was probably split between helping your student who had come for the 1:1 en plein air experience and producing a painting yourself, hence the foreground error. As it turns out you have a very good result and I like especially the graduation from the bright green field to the horizon and perfect sky.