Wednesday 2 March 2016

#42 'Mary Janes' 6x6"

I enjoyed painting these shoes. Although I felt a little daunted in the beginning as I have not painted shoes before but I just broke them down into shapes and didn't think of them as shoes! And then as I'm painting the shoes appear - and the're so cute :-) 
Patent material is very shiney but also quite dark in places, and interesting shadows too.


  1. I like the fact of the incomplete shoe and you have managed the
    shiny surface of the shoes admirably.

  2. Love the depiction of different weights in the component leather parts and the sheen. Enjoyed meeting you at Frensham Ponds today. Apologies for trying to sell my art teacher to you when clearly you are one! Look forward to seeing the rest of your daily submissions.

    1. Hello Yeside, it was lovely to chat to you at Frensham Pond this weekend. Interesting to hear about other art teachers and the painting your doing. Keep in touch. Hope you enjoy my paintings.

  3. Will do. Love to see how others approach their art. You've inspired me to try an do a painting/sketch a day. Yeside