Sunday 20 March 2016

#51 'Adidas Boots' 6x6"

These boots were a challenge to paint especially the laces! But I enjoyed all the different elements. 
I set up a casual composition as though they'd been taken off and left. The material is suede so there wasn't a shine or highlights. I worked on the different tones and undulations of the material. 
I could have kept tweaking and fussing but didn't want to overwork it and you got to know when to stop! I am pleased with the outcome.


  1. Goodness me, I'm speechless. This is your top painting. Very tricky subject captured to perfection, well done Clare.

  2. I love the casualness of the composition; the colour tones of both laces and boots are excellent and the background is without distraction but has enough
    'colour' tone in it to distinguish it from the soles.