Saturday 19 March 2016

#50 'Earthenware Pots' 6x6"

I like the chunky earthen ware feel to these pots and not colours I usually choose.
They not fine china so I painted them quite loose and brushy. I decided on the blue background as a last minute after I'd painted the inside of the yellow pot, it seamed a good colour base to expand on.
Happy to make it to 50 paintings! Getting quite a collection in my studio now, I'm enjoying the variety of subjects and still the challenge of painting them :-)

1 comment:

  1. This little painting is worthy of number 50. Wonderful use of colour both in the pots themselves and the backgrounds and interesting placement of the objects.
    Incidentally, I wonder why no one else comments. Is it because they don't know how to? There is no need to have a Google address and one simply clicks on the text "No comment" and a box will appear available for your comment and then click "Publish". Voila!! :-)