Friday 4 March 2016

#43 "Devil's Punch Bowl' 6x8"

I started this with bright sunshine and fluffy clouds and as I finished it started to snow! (V. Bitter!)
My emphasis was on the sky today, so I made it a bigger proportion of the painting. I did the clouds first and then the sky around them, see pic below. 
I wanted to give a feeling of space and distance. I also made sure you could see the light shining on the trees.
I feel blessed that this National Trust 'beauty spot' is only a few minutes drive from my house, it's great for sky scapes :-)


  1. I love the contrast of earth and sky in this painting. The heavy density of earth and the lightness of the clouds above.

  2. Love the distance in the landscape and the way the clouds look as if they are floating in the sky. Good for you, I may be inspired to have a go and follow your example if I feel brave enough.

    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for your kind words. I am pleased you are inspired to have a go at painting outside. Choose a good weather day :-) And once your out and in full flo of painting, you'll think why don't I do this more often! It is addictive, tough and wonderful. Let me know how you do.