Monday 28 March 2016

Colour Mixing Studies 'Oranges'

I am using my time off teaching this Easter to work on colour mixing & studies for my own painting progression and as an teaching aid.

The above is my palette with 4 yellows and 4 reds all mixed together to create -
ORANGES, 3 versions: Yellow-Orange, Orange & Red Orange

I want to improve on speed of colour mixing when I paint and having a chart to help me with colour combinations and comparisons at a glance. 
I will do more charts for my other 'Secondary' Colours - Violets and Greens.

Colours I used today are:
Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Yellow 
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Red
Burnt Sienna

I used 24 different brushes to do these charts! - Which keeps the colours clean 


  1. Clare: You may find 'Color Mixing Recipes: Mixing Recipes for More Than 450 Colour Combinations' by William F Powell a useful supplement for your work. Published in 2005 it's available via Amazon UK at an attractive price.

    1. Hi Michael, Thank you for your suggestion, I will look it up. I do have many colour mixing and theory books but find it helpful to do it myself as you learn through the process of mixing the paint and discovering what happens. Also to mix the specific primary colours together in my palette is helpful.

  2. Thanks Clare.....I guess that makes a lot of sense. Happy painting!

  3. A labour of love as the saying goes; I am sure it will benefit you and your students. To read of such things is helpful of course but the doing of it oneself is what it is all about. "You can describe the taste of an apple but you won't 'know' it until you eat one yourself."