Tuesday 4 September 2018

#366 'First Oil Sketch of Venice 2018' 8x10"

When I arrive in a new location I just want to get the first painting under my belt! Start it off and get into the flow, I also just feel itchy to do it!

So this was it, feeling my way with the colours, shapes and the strong bouncing light of Venice. 
Decided to do a limited palette of Red (Scarlet Lake with a little white & Yellow Ochre), White (Titanium) & Black (mixed with Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine) helps create a more harmonious painting and easier to start with. 

Painted at about 4pm in very strong afternoon light, it's off the Campo Barnaba, just a few minutes from where we are staying in the Dorsoduro area.

Also did some sketching...The bridge right outside the house we are staying in!


  1. A fine start. Interesting that you found it easier to use a limited palette �� as your first painting and chose colours that don’t at first seem to have much connection to the scene although of course, they are!