Tuesday 11 September 2018

#376 Time Lapse Video - 'Dawn, San Giorgio Maggiore' 8x10"

I faffed with the set up for the video getting it all my easel in and the subject behind it.

The painting took 40mins the video is 37 seconds...

I was there first at 6am and then there were  5 photographers, a meditation sitter, tourist with selfie stick and a flying drone all in a very small space!

I used a platte knife to apply the paint but it broke half through the sky, back to a brush but at least I got lots of paint on the board.

Once the sun is up above the horizon line you cant continue to paint its way too bright!

So pleased the time lapse video worked and on such a location!!


  1. Most interesting to see your painting come alive in the video. Gorgeous colours and defined brushwork have created a beautiful painting.

    1. Glad you like the painting and the video was fun to make!