Friday 11 August 2017

#214 Setting Sail, Dell Quay 9x11"

What a great place to paint! So many options it was hard to choose until I saw this scene, when I couldn't take my eyes from it. It was a great sky day too, I wanted to do some cloud studies but this scene won! 

It was Sunday morning, and the sailing club was a hive of activity, lots of families and all different sail boats were casting off from this area. I pin pointed one boat I liked the shape of especially against the dark brick background. see pic no.3.

I painted at the end of a pontoon, a little hazadous because of the boarded gaps which my equipment could easily fall through.

This is my set up and the beginning stages.

I had to quickly get the yacht in before if moved, they had 5-10 mins of sorting themselves out before they set sail. 

Loved painting this, a great day, and a great subject!

I'm off to Spain with husband tomorrow for 9 days, and hope to paint and post on the blog out there...

1 comment:

  1. This is a lovely, lovely painting - a great painting in fact!
    All the elements are there and so reminiscent of the French en plain air painters of the 19thC.