Friday 18 August 2017

#215 'Altea, Spain' 8x10"

The first painting in Spain, it took me a few attempts to decide on the composition. As I was drawn to the light on the sea and the sky. But I got sucked in to a traditional a view putting the buildings in, I wiped it down and cut the building off. 
When painting outside you have to make quick decisions and take risks, you really don't know if the painting will work, there are so many elements to get right. It feels like painting by the seat of your pants! Which does make it exciting and also stressful at times :-)

3/4 through and someone asked if it was for sale! Which was a boost and helped my uncertainties.
The heat and light is so different and it's a bit of a shock painting in full sun, 30+ degrees! I'm not complaining though.
This is a family visit to see my Aunt Jo, so I will get some painting done but not as many as previous trips..... (I have two more after this to post so far).

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  1. A great view and well painted but how different to light is to the ones in the UK and France!