Tuesday 22 August 2017

#219 'Palms, Villa Joyosa' 9x11"

This was a tough painting! I started in the shade of the palms but as the sun rose I was exposed! Very hot and bright even my phone over heated and temporarily wouldn't work!

The composition was tricky as there were a lot of palms all in lines, I moved my body to try and make it work. But it was still very dominated with trees. I liked the sparkle on the sea and strip of beach activity.
Back at the house I scrubbed out two palms with some trepidation not knowing if it would leave a ghost behind but thankfully it looks better and with no ghost! 

I spent most of the day on this painting, I am pleased with the end result, some paintings are out of your comfort and a learning piece this was!

Last paintnig of Spain, back to sunny Surrey....


  1. An interesting view you have chosen, through the trees to the sea. Maybe the title simply should be 'Five Palms' as not much shade!
    I like what you have achieved painting it contre-jour., the people , umbrellas and sparkling sea.

    1. Hi ebbybow, thanks for your comment, I have simplified the shade and there was much more there! But I think your right the title doesn't quite work for the painting...I'm going to change it :-) Clare