Monday 21 August 2017

#218 'Finestrat, Spain' 8x10"

I did the same thing as the previous painting and looked for light and shade. Finestrat is inland from the coast and quite mountainous. I climbed to the top of the village to get the morning light hitting the buildings. I liked the downhill curved of this little street, plus the mountains behind were a bonus.

Very quite only one person walked down this street and I was busy looking at his cute dog rather than painting him! So I got my husband to walk down it so I could paint and have a figure to add to the composition.
I'm pleased with this one :-)

I have posted the 5 painting stages of how I put this painting together on Instagram. You don't need an account to look, click the link.
One more painting to post of Spain after this...

1 comment:

  1. This painting grows on you :-)
    I like the warm earthy colours with just a little touch of blue of the building. Nice one!