Sunday 27 August 2017

#220 'Evening Sun, Bosham' 21x29cm

It's been gorgeous weather and I have made the most of it by doing an evening paint where the light gives me the subject.
Husband Nick and I went down to Bosham and this view grabbed me as the sun was dancing on the water and warm apricots in the sky. I knew it would be a hard one because it was changing so quickly. I painted some structure of the harbour side and building first and then whacked in the light. Keeping in mind less is more and not putting in too much detail letting the eye do the work.
In 40 minutes the water was this height and then see the pic below to what it drained to...

Spot Nick taking photo in the edge of the shot.
I finished at this point as it was very different to when I began, and refined it in the studio, tricky as you don't want to loose the fresh quality but it needs to be resolved as well.


  1. Another lovely sea scape. The dark wooden posts and their reflection so beautifully contrasted with the translucence and colours of the water.

  2. Very interested in how you resolve composition issues. This painting really works and looks completely natural, I enjoy looking at it.