Tuesday 17 October 2017

#237 'Maria Della Salute' 8x10"

Monet painted this scene along with Ken Howard. You can see why with water, lovely shapes and light!
When I started it was still hazy with the mist. But an hour into it and the sun was shining and intense, it totally changed the scene. I was floundering trying to paint what I had first seen but struggling as it was so different. I was thinking of wiping it but with nothing to lose I decided to change it to what was there at that point, warm sunshine (and no mist!) And just kept saying ‘paint what you see’...which helped. 
The sky I had painted yellow but with the sun out it was blue so I painted over the top of the yellow.
The buildings were tricky to get enough detail to give the essence but not overdo the windows!  I'm pleased with the outcome :-)

1 comment:

  1. O my lordy what a painting! The building pefectly positioned in the painting with the boats and pylons balancing on the left side. The colours of the water blend so well with the blue-over-yellow painted sky.