Sunday 22 October 2017

Back in the Studio

Venice was such an amazing place to paint. Much harder than I expected with so many battles but I'm really pleased with the outcome.

Some Venice painting Stats:
I painted 15 in 6 days and 11 paintings turned out ok enough to show you! 
I walked on average 8,000 steps a day with all my painting gear. (That was nothing compared to my husband taking photographs, he did 20,000 steps a day!!)
My most used colour was Naples Yellow Deep.
I mainly used 8x10" boards, and stacked them with stuck on matches sticks to get the wet paintings home see below.

I feel I learnt a lot and still a have so much to learn....I'm already planning a trip to return to Venice for a longer paint next year :-)
Painting in Monet's spot!

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  1. What an amazing achievement. I cannot praise enough your dedication and love for your art. Some outstanding pieces.