Tuesday 17 October 2017

#236 'Dawn, San Giorgio Maggiore' 8x10"

I couldn't post while in Venice, I tried but had difficulties with Nick (my husbands) laptop, and I was out painting so much time was limited. I did write notes for each painting so I wouldn't forget. I will post two a day for the next 5-6 days :-)

First painting in Venice! I chose a fairly simple subject putting the emphasis on the light. The colours were harmonious and a limited palette with pinks and purples.
The scene was very tonal so I didn't want to much detail to take away the tonal quality.
I was half way through painting when the fog horns began, The mist came in quickly and obscured my subject completely like looking at a white piece of paper!
The fog horns were still going and suddenly this massive cruise liner came out of the mist the bow towering above, it was quite eerie.
This was a good warm up painting.

I wanted to add a note on the end of this post to say I have heard from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) and I have a got a painting through to their exhibition, woohoooo!! So pleased, it will be my first time exhibting in the London Mall galleries.

This is the painting: 'The Trundle, West Sussex' 15x40cm


  1. I have missed seeing your paintings on the blog. First of all, so please you got a painting into the ROI exhibition. I think they must have realised the difficulty in painting such a vast pastoral landscape well and hence deserving of inclusion.

    And so to your first Venetian painting......almost abstracted but beautiful blending of the simple colours.

    1. Thank you ebbybow, it was a hard painting to do well! So pleased its in :-)

  2. Congratulations Clare, The Trundle is a lovely painting and very worthy to be included in the ROI exhibition.