Sunday 29 October 2017

#247 'Fishing Boat, Beer' 8x10"

We have just spent 3 nights in Beer, Devon. I was recommended by painter friends that it was a good place, and it was! Really enjoyed the interesting beach with the fishing boats and very steep drop to the sea, great cliffs each side too.
I eased myself in when we arrived with this painting of a typical fishing boat in Beer. The light was unsual, still yellow sky and milky green water. I enjoyed painting the silhuetted shape against the light background. Tried to keep the brush work fresh and not overwork it. 


  1. You have made the emphasis the boat which I like.....almost a still life! The two touches of colour, bouy orange and bucket yellow perfect.

  2. I love the boat against the milky sky. Very accurate rendition of the functionality of a fishing boat and agree with ebbybow about the two touches of colour on the right