Saturday 21 October 2017

#245 'Sunrise, San Giorgio' 8x10"

I got there before the sunrise so I could mix some initial colours and draw out the basic shapes. I knew it would be quick and I wanted to capture the light and colours of the moment. At the same time I drew out a second board which I will post tomorrow.

When the sun peeped up above the horizon I was so pleased on the position as I didn't know where it would be - having had misty starts for the past 5 days!

The colours I used are just hinting at the warm peachy glows and set off with the two blues. A few comings and goings of boats, and the silhouetted skyline. I could paint this scene over and over! 

While I was painting that morning a lovely American chap came running past and really liked both paintings and wants to buy one, really pleased! It's so good when people want to buy what I love to paint :-)

1 comment:

  1. I think that because the distance to the horizon is less in this painting, the wooden posts are not a distraction, there is a small sense of their reflection, but in fact add to the overall composition. Beautiful.