Saturday 3 March 2018

#305 'Gateway to Bramshott Common' 10x10"

It's been a while since I posted, returning from Devon I painted 3 or 4 that I either haven't finished or don't like! And now the past couple of days I've done 3 snow paintings here's the first.....

Painted this morning I've been waiting eagerly for the snow!! and it's here!
Although this morning was just a dusting but enough to make a painting. I was really pleased to stumble across this view, such a great composition with lots of elements - close foreground interest and distant space.

Walking finding a spot I had in my mind how I wanted to paint - bold brush marks & strong composition. Snow seems to lend itself to this combos, and it helps my confidence to attack it and not be timid with applying paint! Mind plays a big part in the painting process.

I have painted gates before and they can look laboured so I deliberately didn't do much to it, focused more on what was through and behind them. 
The sky is a slightly darker than the snow, the colours in the snow pick up the sky colours.
I painted a web of branches, tree trunk and gate before I added anything else see pic below.

It helps structure the painting with the important parts and then paint around them - easier than painting on top and sits better in the painting.

The M.O.D yellow sign I left till the end unsure as to whether to include it. I did and it actually adds to the painting!


  1. This is a beautifully composed painting. From the hanging branches to the subtle colours; the delicately defined gate and sign to the taking one by the path within.

  2. I like the confident impasto brush strokes in the sky it looks full of snow! The yellow sign adds a piquency to the scene. I like this painting very much.