Thursday 29 March 2018

#320 'Spring Daffs' 8x8"

Quite fun to choose the colour combinations when you do a still life. I have lots of coloured paper that I try behind my subject to see what works. This dark blue-green paper made the daffodils really pop and also I liked it that it was close in tone and colour to the ceramic vase.
I tried a different method of painting the flowers which was to map out the yellow petals in one tone and get the shapes right. Trying to simplify and not use to many marks to describe the flowers.
The vase has lots of subtle nuances the reflected yellow from the overhanging daff and light bouncing up from the wood sill its sitting on.
The background some areas I left crisp others I softened, which adds variety and interest.
I hope to do this still life again with a lighter background to see the difference.
Here are the main stages...


  1. Thank you for showing the stages. You have achieved an amazing vibrant painting with your colour choices and strong application.

  2. I love the dramatic colours and it was useful to see the different stages. You have kept the painting accurate but loose something I find very difficult with flowers.

    1. 'Accurate but loose' So I painted with conviction and ideas behind it. Attacking the subject with confidence but still observing it as well! Not easy as you say, and the more flowers I do this definitely helps - so keep practising :-)