Wednesday 21 March 2018

#317 'Spring Snow at the Devils Punch Bowl' 8x19.5"

On the first day of snow I tackled this scene in a panoramic format. I went back yesterday - the last day of snow and did it again. This time a lot bigger as I found the small board crampt for the scene, see below:

6x15" initial oil study
The light & shadows came at the end and I happily put them in, I was unsure whether it would work with the painting but it could be a shaft of light between the black clouds!

I emphasised the strong sweeping shape from the bottom left to top right, plus the snow covered path hugging the Punch Bowl in the distance. 
I'm pleased with this painting as its difficult to capture the vast space and essence of the Punch Bowl :-)

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  1. Love this painting so classic in style and composition. The panaramic style of board is just perfect for the subject.