Tuesday 20 March 2018

#315 ' Homefield in Snow' 8x14"

Such a wonderful find! A new painting in snow place, looked on the map before leaving and choose this area because of the farm. The church and big tree was a bonus. 
When I arrive there was an amazing stampede of cows running towards me as I entered the field next to them. They screeched to a stop because of the electric fence between us.
All lined up looking and following me as I walked around the field:

I liked the strong horizon line tone & colours, against the light snow and sky.
The sky got better as the sun went lower a lovely apricot colour.
The big tree was tricky as it was so much bigger in scale than the rest of painting but wanted to make it work and fit.

I choose this angle of the view because of the crop field with great leading lines in - how much detail to add, reminded me of a Van Gogh reed drawing all the sticking up crops. I didn't put many in as it looked bitty.
No sunshine so not much tonal difference in the foreground snow.

Photo by husband Nick Oakley, when he saw the above photo of cows he came too take pics of them!

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  1. Delicate and subtle colours depicting a rural scene in the snow. Beautiful.