Thursday 8 March 2018

#309 'Meon Valley' 9x10"

First visit to paint in the Meon Valley with the Isle of Wight in the distance, a lovely area and will do lots more here.

Surprisingly cold with still some snow on the ground, I was drawn to the rounded shapes of the hills overlapping and skeleton tree shapes of winter. 

Making the tones and intensities of the greens work and keeping the dark trees in the foreground strong. The middle distance I wanted to paint bluer than it was, kept adjusting the colour to a warmer light mix. A little bit of light on the water in the distance. I thinned out the foreground trees as they were too dense and stopping the eye from moving up through the painting. Just off square format to emphasis the rounded hills. 
Pleased with this one, as landscapes are not easy!


  1. A beautiful atmospheric painting. Well observed.

  2. I really like this, the way you have painted the landscape laying it out to the distant water. I feel I was there looking down on it and enjoying the shapes and colours.