Tuesday 12 January 2016

Daily Painting #10 'Tomato' 6x6" Oil on Board

I have been teaching Oil Painting this morning, so it was good to be able to start and finish a painting in the afternoon!
My husband and I built a Light Box (Similar to Carol Marines Shadowbox) which is to display my still life objects within. I can control the light source and height. See picture. I used it for the first time today :-) It worked well, with a few tweeks I'm sure it will help with my painting.
A little painting of a tomato, I wanted the colours to be rich and complementary - reds and greens and a simple composition.
I'm going to try another one tomorrow...


  1. I think it is quite astonishing that you can make a tomato on paper look so good ! :-)
    And the light box - thanks Nick :-)

  2. Linda Chamberlain19 January 2016 at 14:54

    What a good idea about the light box for still life painting. I looked out an old collapsible photographic light box and found a clip on lamp.
    Will really help as I do my painting late in the evening in poor light conditions. Thank you Clare (and NIck!)