Saturday 16 January 2016

Daily Painting #12 Tea Cup Study 7x7" Oil on Paper

I painted this as an aid for my students for our oil painting class next week.

Using brown and blue - (Burnt Sienna & Ultramarine) mixed together makes wonderful colourful greys.

We will be working on a loose style and a thin application of paint.


  1. I am sure your students will not produce anything as amazing. You have somehow managed to make a tea cup interesting!

  2. You made it look so easy (and we now know differently!). Enjoyed trying this out today - hopefully, one day, the results will be as good as yours!

  3. Linda Chamberlain20 January 2016 at 02:33

    Even mixing the warm and cool greys was a challenge! and getting the loose brush strokes to convey the handle ....!

  4. We did this lesson today and since we are now able to see your work posted daily, this can only serve to inspire us to try and do the same. I feel sure I speak for the whole class……practice, practice practice!

  5. Absolutely Michael. Great lesson and the blog a great inspiration as they eye is a better teacher than the ear in my case. I have a terrible auditory memory (according to the dyslexic assessment) I learn much better visually. Thanks Clare.