Wednesday 13 January 2016

Daily Painting #11 'Vine Tomatoes' 6x8" Oil on Board

Up until yesterday I haven't painted tomotoes before and they are suprisingly satisfying to paint! I also havent really used red and it's a fun colour to work with, so rich and strong.

I mixed lots of warm red colours from yellow to burnt orange and deep crimson, I thought I may have put too many into the painting but when I finished the tomotoes off with there stalks and highlights they came together :-)

The turquiose blue (blue-green) is the complementary of red-orange, which makes the colours zing together.


  1. They certainly zing :-) Lovely stuff!

  2. Linda Chamberlain20 January 2016 at 02:29

    Essence of tomato! I like the delicate green stems and sepals against the bold red strokes of the tomatoes.

  3. The colours of Greece....somehow I am transported to hot sunshine, white walls, blue sea and sky, tavernas and sand between my toes. What have you just done with a smimple painting of tomatoes? It must be all the warm colours of those vibrant reds...sunshine is just bouncing off them.