Monday 25 January 2016

Daily Painting #19 'Bananas' 10x8"

This was a difficult subject to tackle. I started it on a square board - as many still life's work better square but changed it to landscape as it wasn't working. I mixed many colours and tones of yellow. I'm pleased with the subtle changes of tone to describe the banana shape. Although it was challenging I was totally focused and enjoyed it. I wouldn't have tried this subject at the start of my daily painting, so it feel like progress :-)
Below is my palette and the colours I mixed as a starting point...


  1. You have managed to convey the 'flat' planes of a banana - well done!

  2. Even though the yellows are subtle, they ping off the board, expecially with the back ground colour. I am pleased you're gaining confidence and growing.

  3. Love the way you have conveyed the weight of the bananas and the graduations of colour. I feel as though I could just pick them up and eat them.