Friday 1 January 2016

Daily Painting #1 'Lemon' 5x7" Starts Today!

I was given a wonderful book for Christmas from my husband. It's called Daily Painting, by Carol Marine a USA painter.

It's really inspired me and helped focus in what direciton I would like to go with my work for at least the next 12 months.

I will endeavour to paint as often as possible, completing a small painting in one go and doing everything from life. A massive variety of subject from still life, fruits and veggies to flowers and going outside for land and seascapes.

I had been specialising in landscapes, sketching in nature but then painting back in my studio. Some of my previous works took 4 weeks to complete. So I'm really excited to try painting in one go with thicker, richer paint.

I will post on this blog every time I do an new painting. Please feel free to comment on any.

Today I tackled my first little painting. It's 5x7" - the smallest I have ever painted and of a single lemon (oil on board). I brought a lamp and a daylight bulb to light it from the side which helped to see the colours and the shape of the shadow.

The first of many paintings! It's going to be good year :-)


  1. Sam Taylor-Bowen1 January 2016 at 18:28

    WOW, what a brilliant start to your new art journey! Well done Clare.

    It is always good to have direction and doing something so different is exciting but can be challenging. Take each day, and painting as it comes.
    Good Luck and I look forward to your first 'Daily Painting' exhibition.

    "A Goal without a Plan is Just a Dream" Here's to your plan for 2016!

  2. I am amazed that you managed to do a painting as well as starting to help Nick make the 'light' box. Well done!!!! I think quite a difficult single subject to start with and you have made an excellent job of it.
    Please do not confine yourself to any subject. i.e. do not ignore figures. People like to see people in paintings and they do not have to be portraits.

  3. Linda Chamberlain19 January 2016 at 16:25

    How strange that I, too, had come across Carol Marine over Christmas as we discussed at our first painting class of this month. My husband gave me the January edition of "Artists and Illustrators" in my stocking along with paints and brushes for Christmas to encourage me in my new hobby. This edition featured several Daily painters including Carol. I think it's a great idea. Having never painted before last November, I too was inspired by the concept of daily painting after only 5 lessons with you and I intend to do as many as I can and am absolutely loving it. You have opened my eyes to a whole new universe. Buying fruit and veg will never be the same again - they have become objects with interesting shapes and colours to paint rather than to eat now! Thank you , Clare. Great lemon.

  4. I tried painting a lemon last year when I first started in oils and gave up - they're HARD! I just did one yesterday and can see progress because at least I completed it, but in natural, diffused light it doesn't have the drama and impact of this one. What a great start on your Daily Painting adventure. It looks so juicy and, well, lemony!

  5. P. S. I'm pleased to add that I am Page Viewer number 7000!