Wednesday 20 January 2016

Daily Painting #15 'View from our Bedroom' 6x8" Oil on Board

My first landscape Daily Painting! These are Larch trees, a deciduous pine, lovely shaped branches, with rich orange against the winter sky. I have missed painting landscapes and really enjoyed this one. 
I usually have Classic FM on for company in my Studio, painting this there was silence apart from the birds singing and my animals snore! Matte, my dog was in the bed and Miffy shown below was interested in my palette!


  1. this will be the first comment on the blogspot. This painting is reminiscent of the Canadian artist Tom Thomson. Love the colours, shape and simplicity.

  2. I agree...the Canadian Seven...some fabulous artists.

    I told my husband I was going to start painting every day and he said "Good for you! Woohoo!" Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I'd like to see more landscapes please, including my favourite... Tress. Great first one. Lovely photo of Miffy.