Monday 25 July 2016

#101 'Paddling at Tilford Bridge' 8x8"

This is a known spot for families, grest for splashing around in the River Wey. I got to the bridge early and had an hour painting before anyone else arrived. These two boys with their grandma turned up and they were straight in the river. I initially thought oh dear a distraction, but actually when I saw them in the water I thought they be great in my painting! I worked quickly to try and capture them, you can imagine they didn't stay still for long! When they got out I called them over and explained they were in my painting. They thanked me, with I thought was very polite! and then 'high fived' each other, which made me smile :-)
The painting itself I did 90% outside, but wasn't that happy with it when I got home so went over most of it, tweeking the tones and colours. I'm pleased with the result now. 

Here is the painting in progress by the river, the boys and had just got into the water.


  1. Love the story. You're fearless putting figures in and they work so well and bring the scene to life.

  2. I agree with Caroline the two boys make this painting a delight.

  3. Really like the way the boys catch the sun in this painting