Saturday 2 July 2016

#91 'Early Morning Staithes Harbour' 8x10"

An early start on the final morning I completed half of this before I drove home. I liked the dark tones and a touches of bright sunlight coming through.
I finished the painting in my studio the next day. It was a challenge to keep the plein air freshness of working outside - when there isn't time to fiddle and overwork and be too careful. Which happend when I painted the sky, it was too careful and laboured looking, so I wiped it off and did this one in minutes with thined paint and quick brush strokes. Also getting the side of the boat in the shadow dark enough to show the bright red on the light side was tricky.

The pen and ink below I did on the first morning to get myself accustomed to the surroundings. I did a painting of it later but I'm not happy with it, so I thought I'd tackle it in my studio and see if it can be improved :-) and if so I will post it!


  1. I love the light in this painting. Interesting that finishing it back in your studio you repainted the sky, how right you are to be free with your brush strokes and not too careful. That mantra needs to be branded on my forehead! Love the drama and simplicity of the pen and ink picture.

  2. Lovely, jubbly, bubbly....I walked by a sea today that looked exactly like the one in your painting. Such a sense of movement and as Pat said, the light on the boats, sea and sky captured to perfection.