Thursday 14 July 2016

Summer Workshop on Tilford Green

I did this drawing at the weekend in preperation for the workshop I was running today for my students. Set on an English green with old buildings, a pub and barns and a great sunny day, so lucky with the weather. The workshop aim was to produce drawings that will be used as an aid for oil paintings in September.

We did small thumb nail drawings to explore our subjects and work out composition. Then a larger well observed line drawing and then tone, not much then :-) 
A picnic together in the sunshine at lunch was so lovely, a successful day! 
This photo shows them working hard!

It's a great area for paintings I will go back there and do some plein air painting of the drawings, like the one below of an old bridge.


  1. As always it's interesting hearing how you go about things and seeing your sketches. Sounds like a lot of fun (and hard work!) and a nice way to get together for the end of term. I like seeing your sketches. I aim to sketch but end up putting in too much detail.

    1. Hi Caroline, Its so easy to put in too much detail but its surprising how little the eye needs to make sense of a subject. Have a go at using as few marks as you can, maybe time yourself a 3 minute sketch?