Saturday 30 July 2016

#103 'Morning Light, Emsworth Harbour' 8x8"

The sun was sparkling on the water, directly behind this red boat. I quickly set up and by the time I sketched it out with my brush the sun had moved and it was no longer behind the boat! I carried on anyway and got the main shapes in especially the water. Not easy looking into the sun and dazzling sparkles! I had my cap and sunglasses on, does anyone reading this ware sunglasses to paint? Sometimes I have to as my eyes are sensitive and water to much.
After one hour a dog walker had returned and couldn’t believe how much I'd got in already. But the scene had changed so much I couldn’t continue. 
Back in my studio I didn’t like the painting it was rough looking (see below)
So I decided to start again on another board, which I’ve not done after a plein air paint before. I wished I'd had a rougher surface board to work on originally as it helps to show the sparkle as the paint catches in the dimples. In fact this board I used was super smooth.
I spend a session painting the picture, and by the time I finished it I realised the one I did outside was better!
So I went back to it today and worked on it again, remembering the light was what drew me to it so emphasised that with thick light paint. 
I’m happy with the final outcome :-)


  1. I love the way you have captured the light. Interesting reading about your trials and tribulations before finishing the painting, it just shows how much emotional and artistic energy goes into each piece of work. I think the end result justifies the pain, I like the thick brush strokes and simplified background.

    1. You are right Pat, so much goes into each painting - a little bit of me in every one! Although it's quite satifiying when you struggle and tussle with one but it works out in the end :-)

  2. The reflections in the water are so clever, I can 'see' the water moving. really is so clever and hard to get that effect so well when the refection is not a complete representation of the object and you have nailed it! The boat, in that pops off the page, love it.

    1. Thank you Samantha, I worked hard on the water, as it was my favourite bit of the scene :-)