Thursday 21 July 2016

#99 'Beach Huts, Hayling Island' 4x15.5"

A hot day standing directly looking into the sun but worth it! Really enjoyed painting these beach huts, and on the panormic format. A lot of the beach huts were in shadow so I had to hold back with using saturated colours but still managed to get some turquoise and pinks in :-)
The board is not one I have used before it's a two inches deep wooden panel by Gerstaeker, I have only seen them on the Great Art website. I have just ordered more as it was fun to work on, and no need to frame.
The position I choose to paint was in a car park, useful as I didn't have to walk with my gear but as you can see from the pic below I had trouble with cars parking in my view! I must have asked at least 8 cars to move to another spot most people were very happy to oblige.
I was brought up on Hayling Island (in Hampshire) and only left when I was 30, so lots of memories driving around and painting it!


  1. What an unusual support, it must keep you on your toes trying different things and this works so well, I like the sparkle on the sea in particular. And the car, well, wow! Splendid is the perfect word. Love the greys showing the shine on the bodywork. A real beauty, Clare.

  2. Car comment meant for #98, oops.

    1. Hi Caroline, It is an unusual support, so much so when it came in an order with other boards, I thought oh, thats a mistake! I didn't realise it would be like that, But I had a brave day and tried it and surprised myself, it was fun to use - have ago!
      Also thanks for the 'Alvis Car' comments, worked hard on getting the shine of the bodywork right!

  3. The essence of summer in a painting - very inviting

  4. My collection is growing, please add this one to it too!
    I expect at some point we have walked past though. It is the colours, with the sea and that reflection from the sunshine in the corner, it is perfection!