Friday 1 July 2016

#90 'Three Boats, Staithes' 8x10"

These boats are so typical of Staithes North Yorkshire area. I like the colours and the flash of pink flowers. 
I initially got caught up in the view and up the cliff/bank on the other side of the water are lovely red rooved house and sky. I drew it in but scrubbed it out realising it was too big a view and wasnt strong enough.
I have included the first stages picture below to show how I blocked in the dark and mid tones, and then adding the more intense and lighter colours over the top.
This was the first time I used a bigger board 8x10 it took me longer but it is a complex subject, nice to have a bit more space to work with though.
Making the initial brush strokes broad and loose with medium and no white paint, it was then fairly translucent. This helps to make it look like water - see through, and adding more opaque paint over the top to some of the areas (the lower half) to show light.

I also was testing out a new piece of equipment i got from America called a 'Palette Garage' you can see it on the pochade (where all my squirts of paint sit.) You can stick it back in a plastic tube, it comes in which keeps the paint wet overnight ready for the next plein air painting :-) 


  1. No more, please, these are actually just TOO nice!! Great work Clare. Let us know your thoughts on the Palette Garage won't you. I have it already on my shopping list for the States in October so I'd like to know. It looks brilliant.

  2. P.S, I think your composition skills are rocketing too! I must calm down. Not that there was anything wrong with them before, but there's a difference somehow.

  3. I like this painting very much. Simple, yet full of interest.

  4. The water is brilliant also the clarity of the pink flowers against a more painterly background. The boats make lovely shapes in the foreground. Looked up Palette Garage, very tempting, but I would have to do a lot more more plein air work to justify the price. One for the future!

  5. So pretty. Really enjoy your boat paintings.

  6. Love this one! I especially think the pink on the flowers and buoys really lifts the painting.