Thursday 30 June 2016

#89 'Fishing Boat, Staithes Harbour' 7x9.5"

I painted this on Saturday afternoon, bright sunshine and a busy beach. Lovely to be amongst the children playing in the sand and the dogs rushing into the sea.

Love this boat especially the coloured buoys catching the sunlight. It was quite windy so I depicted it in the sky, painting it quickly and loosely with some medium.
I painted the figures as they walked into my view. The guy next to the boat was up and down and bending he was painting the boat, quite tricky to capture him while he was moving! But I'm happy with the result and his yellow wellies :-) 

This pen and ink I did while I was in Staithes, a great view I may paint at a later date. 


  1. It's exciting seeing your growth as an artist, Clare! There's a freedom in your sketch too.

  2. Sorry Clare, I have been away and my comments of your last three daily postings for some reason, are not showing. I do hope this one does :-)
    What lovely work! Wonderful stuff!

  3. There is such movement and vitality in your painting, even the guy standing by the boat looks as if he is about to move. Love the pen and ink sketch, an impressive picture in its own right. I am trying to learn by looking at what you are achieving.

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