Monday 13 June 2016

#83 'Reflected Watermelon' 6x8"

Slice of Watermelon oil painting reflected in a table top

It's been so busy I haven't had the time or energy to do any painting. But I was itching to do one so I got into my studio by 6am this morning which gave me time to focus and work on this painting before any Open Studio visitors arrived at 11am.
I put the melon on tin foil and was pleased with the reflection it created of the skin. 
Painting it I was aiming for the translucency at the top and richness of the red, fun to paint and will have another go. 

The photo below is of me over the weekend painting in between visitors but didn't get much done so it was abandoned. I'm not complaining about having people come and visit as the Open Studio is going well :-) Making sales each day we are open and meeting some new arty people especially in the local area which is really great.


  1. Very lovely, the translucency works perfectly. Well done on the sales!!

  2. Love the way the colours in the skin are reflected in the tin foil. The flesh and seeds are beautifully portrayed. I like the tin foil effect - would be a great way to paint in a heatwave, just looking at it would cool you down.

  3. Lovely melon Clare - well done!

  4. Thank you Caroline, Pat and Helen for your lovely comments :-)